Angry Boys

26 Feb

Not to be confused with the well known Angry Birds… 😀

These boys have a severe problem with rejection.

Angry Boy: What’s up I’m —– I just moved here from boston how are you (2/16/2012 9:54:58 PM)

Angry Boy: Guess u don’t like italians (2/17/2012 7:15:43 AM)

He didn’t give me much time to respond if you think about it. I was either sleeping or getting ready for work in between the times he messaged me. 😛

The truth: I do not discriminate against Italians.

Angry Boy 2: i’m a bit pessimistic, so before we continue, I need to know you don’t discriminate against guys that have a good job, are funny, and attractive…

I viewed his profile and then moved on to check other messages. No sooner did I exit his profile that I received his follow-up message:

Angry Boy 2:  a view of my profile and no hello? It’s all good jupiter girls are nothing but trouble!
The truth: I was actually thinking about responding to his message – but not after that. And I highly doubt that all women (or girls as he put it) in Jupiter, FL are trouble. That just can’t be. 🙂
I responded to Angry Boy 2 with the following – and then I blocked his a**.
Seriously? I wanted to go through all of my messages and remove who I wasnt interested in (btw – I kept your message because I actually enjoyed your profile). But, being that you are too impatient to wait for a reply and automatically assume I am not interested then there’s no need for us to communicate. Have a wonderful evening
Angry Boy 3 was downright rude. He emailed me with a short message (I didn’t keep this one) that included star plumgazer lily, if I remember correctly. It didn’t even make sense.
I made the awful (<– sarcasm) mistake of not responding right away. I had only viewed his profile.
The truth: He was to muscle-y for my taste. Can’t a girl have preferences?
Angry Boy 3 then emailed me “fuckface” to which I replied “What?” I mean, come on, I would never say that to anyone who didn’t reply to an email. I mean if the person isn’t interested then they’re not interested!!  These angry boys must believe that every single girl should be so lucky to have them.
Think again, angry boys.
He did email me back.
Angry Boy 3: I said it, you read it. now what do you have to say shithead?
*Sigh*  Do the world a favor, bub – seek help.
You know…they really should disable the whole ‘see who viewed my profile’ option. It just makes these boys hostile. :/ 

2 Responses to “Angry Boys”

  1. buddhafulkat February 27, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    In Vietnam, bird is slang for um male parts so nice word play (intentional or not)

    • ConnieMaria February 27, 2012 at 9:27 am #

      Nu uh! 😀 (Hehe) Good to know! Thank you! 🙂

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