Chef (Take 2!)

26 Feb

 Being that the title is Chef (Take 2), you’re most likely pondering “What happened to take #1?”

That relationship is more of an ‘ouch’ than anything so I’d rather not share it.  Not right now at least. 🙂 Perhaps some other time.

So. I met a nice guy. Yes it can happen.

I met Larry through one of the dating sites. I think it was … or Zoosk. Who knows. They’re all the same.

This guy appeared to be promising … at first. He was cute. We got along great electronically and I began to look forward to his emails every day. A couple weeks after our initial emails we planned our first date.

We met at a very chill bar in Boynton Beach. It was right on the water. The evening was cold but it was still beautiful out.

Overall, the first date went well.  We spent four hours just enjoying some drinks and getting to know each other. I guess I was pretty happy with the turn out. Larry seemed to be a really great guy. Boy does that phrase sound like a cliché (<–is that the right word to use?). Inevitably a ‘but…’ will follow.

But …

  1. He wasn’t assertive and I had to begin a lot of the conversations. I like a man who can carry his own and I wasn’t getting that vibe from Larry. Now I know what you’re thinking. Give the man a chance, right? I deserve a good guy and there I was picking him apart right after the first date. *sigh* There’s no helping me.
  2. Sadly…There was no spark. Nothing. Not even a “well he’s got a great personality so I can make this work for sure.” I just wasnt attracted to him. Physical attraction is important for me – call me shallow if you will.

A week later was our second date. A dinner date this time at a very nice (insanely expensive) Italian restaurant in Delray Beach. Dinner was amazing. I never knew chicken could taste like that! Really. It was that fantastic. I had Pollo Portobello (chicken with Portobello in a champagne cream sauce – Yum-O) & a glass of nerve relaxing pinot noir. Have I ever mentioned my intense love for champagne?  Love me some bubbly.

Anywho –  I did a lot of the talking because he just kept looking at me.  Compliment taken and definitely appreciated but I was interested in knowing more about him so I simply continued to ask him question after question … and I was sure to keep the wine flowing.

Larry was really nice and probably the right kind of guy to be with but…I don’t know. Not only was I certain there was zero physical attraction but I was more concerned that he wasn’t intellectual enough to keep me interested. (Does that sound too insensitive?)

My friends kept telling me to give him another chance. Blah blah blah. I get it. Really. Girls are supposed to go with the put-together guy who’s nice and would treat ‘em great. But like I said – I did not feel anything for him. There was no chemistry. And how many dates should you go on to find out whether the ‘right’ feelings will manifest themselves into your mind & body? Riddle me this…

To sum up my feelings for Larry – I was more excited about the food than him.  That’s a pretty bad sign, huh? After that dinner date he walked me to my car. Right when he was about to kiss me I said “Have a good night!” and couldn’t get into my car fast enough. Poor guy looked confused. I should have wanted to kiss him but I wasnt feelin it one bit. Instead I ran away to the privacy and solace of my car. Crisis averted.

Moving on…I didn’t want to date him anymore but I was convinced otherwise by others. I’d try to give it another whirl.

I had told Larry that the next evening I’d be driving up to Orlando for the weekend to visit my family and my best friend. What really pushed me over the edge was that he text me at midnight the night I drove up there.

I didn’t bother replying to his message. I was perturbed by the fact that he would even think of texting me so late in the night. My best friend doesn’t even do that.

The next morning I was ranting and raving to my mom about it and how much it irked me. Of course my loving mom said, “It’s not a bad thing – it means he cares. He sounds like a really nice guy.”

There it is again. The nice guy deal. My mom was right, though. He did care. I knew he did. The problem was that I didn’t. Hence my anger. Instead of following my heart I placed too much emphasis on what other people thought I should do.

Sometimes you just have to trust how you feel – no matter what your friends say. Lesson learned.


4 Responses to “Chef (Take 2!)”

  1. Pete Denton February 27, 2012 at 1:40 pm #

    There’s nothing wrong with not being into it. You either feel it or not. There is a another theme through your posts and that is chicken! Are you subliminally advertising your chicken farm?!?

    • ConnieMaria February 27, 2012 at 2:25 pm #

      Thank you! I most definitely was not feeling it.

      LOL! You’re so right! Bok Bok keeps popping up in my posts!!

      You know what else, Pete? Once I was invited to a fetish party and the requirement was to bring a rubber chicken.

      I didnt end up going to that party …. :-\

  2. Pete Denton February 28, 2012 at 4:09 pm #

    Hahaha. Going to the party might have been an interesting post. I will never be able to look at a rubber chicken in the same light again 🙂

    • ConnieMaria February 28, 2012 at 4:58 pm #

      You’re right! Except at that point in my life I hadnt taken up the whole writing gig. Dag nabbit! Next time, gadget! (Of course I’m not sure what the odds are of being invited to 2 fetish parties involving rubber chickens lol)

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