That’s a RAP!

28 Feb

You know – after about every 10 messages on POF I discover a nice email that actually makes me smile (<– shocking, I know!!).

Hey wats up, i wrote u a little rap/poem because i too like to write and i enjoy being creative lol, hope you like it 🙂 here it goes….

I don’t know you and you don’t know me
But were both aware nights can get lonely,
Im not on this site tryin to find a wifey,
Im jus on here tryin to meet someone thats like me,
Down to earth and outgoing but laid back as well,
A humorous intellect who doesn’t mind Taco Bell,
I enjoy happy hour on the intercoastal,
Maybe I’l catch a flick if i dont wanna be social,
I hit the beach on the weekends day or night,
Maybe I’l take a few puffs to get the feeling right,
Got my guitar in hand always ready to rock,
Could be on stage at a bar or sittin on the dock,
Now you know a little bit about what I adore,
I’ve got an idea let’s not be strangers anymore,

Of course, my pessimistic side immediately wonders how many other times this boy has shared this clever little rap poem. 😀

Does it really matter? 

Naaaaa. I still enjoyed it. 🙂


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