A Somewhat Recent Date

2 Jun

Hello! 🙂 I apologize for my absence but it really was for good reasons!

1. Work is crazy. We moved to a new office and the work volume has increased naturally.

2. I finally finished writing my book and ever since it’s been Edit, Edit, Edit!

Soooooooooo …. time to get back into the swing of things. 🙂

I sort of recently went on a date. At this point I think the date was like two months ago…I dont remember.

But anyways – was I nervous? A tad bit.

Was I afraid? Yes.

This guy – let’s call him ……. J.

J has no hair. I know I know – you’re most likely thinking “Get past the hair obsession, Connie!”

I can’t help it … I’m sorry guys.

Despite the baldness I decided to give J a chance. We had emailed for weeks on POF and he never pressured me to meet him right away. He didn’t beg for my number. He didn’t get mad if I didn’t email him back right away. He has a great job. He’s close with his family.

All promising signs!! 🙂

Given the multitude of pros I decided a date would be the appropriate next step – despite him not having a head full of hair (someday I’ll try to get over that).

We decided to meet after work one day. I was running late (as always) and he was fine with it. Since I was going to be late he drove over to the beach to take a peek at the moon (pause for ‘awwww’).

With our timing being out of sync I got there about 20 minutes before him.

What calms nerves? Liquor.

I bee-lined to the outside bar which was empty! Good. Perfect atmosphere to accommodate my anti-social self.

I ordered my grapefruit and vodka and lit up a smoke. Ah this is nice, I thought. The bartender chick was really nice so we were chatting it up watching out for my date-to-be.

There was a long path that led to the bar that the bartender dubbed as the ‘catwalk.’

As J approached we both stared at him which, yeah, made him feel a bit uncomfortable. (haha)

I love to sit at an outside bar but he really wanted to sit inside one of the adjacent restaurants. Alright, I gave in. Compromise.

First we took a walk around the entire place (good thing I wore my comfortable heels…) and it was humid! I tried to sweat gracefully. At some point I just stopped trying to wipe the sweat off my face discreetly.

Finally we settled in at a Latin joint. I ordered a massive mojito (really the glass was so tall that I had to move it to the side so it wouldn’t obstruct my view of J).

Annnnd that’s when I learned he didn’t drink. A bit awkward because I was on my second round and a little buzzed (**lightweight**). Oops.

We ordered one app and one dessert to share. Everything was delicious. The date was going well. We had a lot in common and there were no awkward pauses – we never stopped talking.

He walked me to my car afterward and I patiently awaited the second date request but … nothing.

No handshake.

No hug.

No kiss on the cheek.

No second date.

I admit – my ego was bruised.

Oh wait – he did say I was funny. 😐 To which I replied: yes that happens when I drink.


Anywho – to wrap this up I quickly realized that J was looking for a text buddy because he text me every day (more than a few times a day) with idol chit-chat stuff. Noooooo phone calls. No asking to see me again.

After about 3 or 4 days of that crap I stopped responding.

And that was the end of that.

Boo on you, J.


Greetings from Germany!

18 Mar

This is exactly what I need!

A nice German boy who has searched me out from afar! Could it be fate that he has found me?

Be still my heart…

Olla… I will be in the USA and so decided to pass a town where people tall nobody
should miss it, will bin in April in Miami, so also there never
have been befor, thougth why not use the internet to get to connection to somebody I
may will be attracted… so I searched who is here from Miami and hoppa… found you.
May you are open to start to know me, its still a little time before the flight 😉
Greeting from Germany, I´m Leonard

I am flattered! Speechless! Can’t say I understand most of his message but hey – how wonderful that he chose me out of alllll the eligible POF mates.

#LuckyGirl 🙂

Longest Intro EVER

16 Mar

Check it out. The longest intro message EVER!

I received this note from a poor soul on POF…I couldnt get past the first paragraph…you’ll notice (if you cheat & scroll to the end that the message was cut off because he reached the word/character limit). 🙂 Enjoy!

In Jesus Name I come in honestly and sincerely first in prayer with my heart open to a God Loving woman. Yes that was a run-on sentence. 🙂
I’m a friendly happy person that was Born again 2003 in Spirit and truth. That was the best decision of my life because it changed my life. I know the past is not as important as the present and future,but I believe that if we don’t recognize the past and learn from it we are doomed to repeat past mistakes. So led me be frank and honest from the start.
I am 41 years old. Single and I have no children -never been married. Why? Because I was in prison for Armed Robbery while in Germany. I joined the US Army at 18. Became a Medical Laboratory Technologist and was stationed in Germany for my first tour. I was young,dumb and full of pride. I drank alcohol and experimented with drugs. I wanted to make everyone happy and be a people pleaser. I let myself be lured into the Gang life of the Latin Kings of which I became member then leader. My wrong choices in friends and actions led me to a 17 years of lost time in the Federal and State Corrections Department. I was lost in the land of the living dead-which is prison. There in 2003 I went to a weekend revival that was called Kairos- Meaning “Gods’ time”. I had first signed up to receive cookies and food because in penitentiary real food is lousy. But when I was there listening the word of God, my spirit and eyes opened up. I realized how wrong and how astray I had gone and repented. God had mercy on me and with the power and strength of the Holy Spirit-I changed. I publicly declared my renouncement of the Gang-life. I formally retired from the Latin Kings and broke of my illegal activities. Quit smoking and selling weed. Basically I made a 180 turn and my life has been so blessed. I have been free for over 3 years and I do not have parole nor any legal restrictions. I completely paid my price to society for the wrongs done of my past, and now I enjoy the fruits of my labor.
I went to college and did many courses to better myself. Thanks to God upon my release I was blessed with great jobs and much support from family and real friends. They see the change in me and all are happy to see me doing good in my community. I do County Prison Ministry on Weekends and help in my church in all I can.
Maybe I should not be so frank with my past, but I want a Christian Woman that knows all the good and bad. No lies. I am a great catch! WHY?
Well, I work at Steel Fabricators LLC. A great company w wonderful benefits. I am a Welder-Fitter, I build Airports, Stadiums and anything big that is made of Steel. Income is secured on a weekly basis 650 with overtime and I am just about debt free. My Sports Truck is paid off, Own a small 12′ boat which I use to go fishing, My furniture is all new, I am not a materialistic person. However I know that in order to be able to provide for a wife and family a man seeking commitment must first have his financial affairs in order. And I am ready. LOL 🙂 It is hard to find a worthy single woman in church because when I go to church I go to praise God. The women I know and meet in services are eighter already married or too young. So I found myself praying to find a wife. One of my friends told me to try this site. I pray and hope whomever is reading this feels the honesty of my words.
I am a romantic fool that believes in love and likes to share. I do love to dance. Clubs are still in my heart…But I don’t go often. 😉 I prefer to do family things; Bowling, Recreational parks, Beaches, Going to the pool at moms, doing Bar B-Qs and buying new movies to watch at home with lots of snacks and comfortable pillows! 🙂
Well, I have so much to say that I could have you reading for hours…LOL or u can decide to talk with me or chat/message each other to know one another. Yes-my schedule is hectic, but I hope we may still keep in touch. 🙂
I’ll close for now and pray you decide to give me a chance to bu

Welcome to the POF Awards

14 Mar

Hello beloved blog friends and welcome to the 1st ever POF Awards ‘Show’!!

Well…first ever on this blog at least. 😀 And technically it’s not a show but anyways…

*Trumpets sound*

The award for ORIGINALITY goes to Mr. Creativity who emailed me his phone number.

BUT – here’s where the originality kicks in – he wrote out the digits of his number. I.e. five-five-five-five-five-five-five

Ya gotta admit – it was different. 🙂

The award for the MOST EFFECTIVE EBONICS PICK UP LINE goes to the bad boy who penned this line: “Whats good with your heading?, I’m feelin it real talk.”

To which I said “Yeeeeaaaaahhh Boyyyeeeeeee!”

The award for DUH DUH DUH goes to the boy who asked “Hi do u have a number”

<Shaking my head>

The ARE YOU KIDDING ME award goes to Mr. Honesty:

“sooooo…..I am emailing you specifically because I think you look great in your pictures. I didn’t read your profile for 2 reasons: 1. No one reads them and 2. It is merely a resume of who you think you are, etc….which is a perception ;)….”

<Still shaking my head>

The PLEASE STAY AWAY PERV award belongs to Don Juan!

“Buenas, i saw you profile and pik and i must say your pretty & sexy. Something about you..ummm ur so my stilo,jeje ok let me say, Im at a point in life got out of a long relationship and just not looking for anything so so serious at this exact moment. i mean if it comes it comes but not looking for it.:)just a friend if so meaby if we click have fun with etc! To be honest its been a while for me i guess thats why im so in the mood! But with work etc i dont have much time to mingle you can say. So i opened this up to see whats out there glad i did cause u seem interesting! but we all have needs. were humans.lol..hope u dont think im weird. im just keeping it real well wanted to be honest and str8 up, and write to you to see if you where in the same spot as me,and wanted to have fun etc if ur not down with it or ur not interested meaning im not ur type.
i fully understand and atleast thx you for taking the time to read this! and no i dont normally write this long.u got lucky lol

we can meet go with flow see what happens,,,no expectations!!!”

Where have all the normal guys disappeared to?! 😀

Chef – Part One

10 Mar

This one is a real dooooozy. (<–Haha – everytime I say that I think of Groundhog Day. 😀 …. Just sayin…moving on now…)

I met Chef #1 on MySpace believe it or not…some 6 years ago. That was when MySpace was booming. It was right after I had broken off my engagement (I was about 24).

When I met him in person I felt like the women do in chick flicks. Walking on air. I was completely sold on our first date. Instantly infatuated. God I was so in love it was ridiculous! (#Fool)

All those silly things people do while in love – yeah I did all of that crap (naa I’m not bitter or anything :D). The mushy text messages. The little surprises. I walked around with a cheesy smile. This guy was the One. Finally!!! My parents wouldn’t have to worry about me anymore. Haha! 🙂

He was an amazing chef. Cute. Smart. Even his credit was impeccable! Really – perfect guy in my grasp!  The cherry on top? He was so romantic:

  • One night he played Chef and planned a surprise dinner for me with a personalized menu and romantic music playing in the background.
  • He would bring home balloons shaped into various animals for me (they had a balloon maker dude at the country club he worked at).
  • Valentines dinner. The night was perfect. Dinner at a little French restaurant and dancing at Blue Martini after. Nuff said.
  • He asked me to visit him at work and surprised me with white chocolate covered strawberries. One of my favorites.
  • He bought a keepsake box for me to keep memories of us.
  • When I would stay over his house, on the mornings I had to leave for work, he would make me chocolate flavored coffee with whipped cream on top.

This guy was it. I had never been so sure in my life – not even this sure about my ex-fiance (sorry dude).

Most. Perfect. Relationship. Ever.

Of course all good things must come to an end.

Pretty soon my apartment lease was up and I moved 20 minutes north to stay with my parents until I could figure things out. That’s when he graduated to being a complete ass. He rarely returned my calls and when we spoke we’d end up arguing. I knew something was going on with him but he would deny anything was wrong and basically made me feel like I was mental.


Let me just say that women know when something is up. Sure I’d been in relationships before this one but there’s no manual for what to do when your boyfriend starts acting like a jerk-face. 😀

Okay maybe there is…somewhere on Google…but I was in some kind of stun-mode. All I could think was No! Not this time. This is it. He’s ‘the one.’

The phone calls occurred less and less and he was so rude. I knew it was going to be over but he wouldn’t give me a reason for the oncoming break-up.

Problem was he was a weak coward and refused to say, “I’m breaking up with you, Connie.” Instead he said, “I think you know what’s happening here.”

Then, to clear up any unspoken issues he had, he resorted to writing a two page email of what exactly he felt was wrong with me. Now I kind of wish I would’ve kept it so I could post it here! 🙂

Here are just a few things he just couldn’t stand about me:

  • He didn’t like how I talked about people.
  • I curse too much.
  • I’m not ambitious enough.

I remember one night he yelled at me for wearing a jean miniskirt to Blockbuster (*sigh* I miss Blockbuster). First of all, its South Florida – jean skirts are completely normal. Second. I was just trying to look cute for him. Third – it was almost 11 at night and hardly anyone was around. And lastly – I was wearing a hoodie and flip-flops – I was far from looking hooker-ish.

When I got out of the car I guess I wasn’t as graceful as I had tried to be…the whole way through Blockbuster he lectures me and says “What do you think people think of you when you dress like that.” To which my response was something to the effect of “I don’t give a fuck what people think of me.”

I remember feeling as if my whole world was going to collapse. When you’re broken up with you don’t exactly get a chance to say everything – to defend yourself against the accusations. To say, “Hey! Wait! You’re making a big mistake!”

Anywho – there was so much more to the story but this covers it enough, I believe. 😉

I have a few choice words for this guy and I do normally curse a lot but…my mom reads this blog (Hi Mom! Love you! <3)…so you can use your imagination with those words.

In the end … once I passed the heartache phase which lasted for quite some time, I think I was proud of myself for not changing for him. My flaws are my flaws. Take ’em or leave ’em, guys.

He got married, if I remember correctly, a year or so after we broke up. 

Marry me?

4 Mar

You know, when I was growing up I repeatedly envisioned my Cinderella wedding. The carriage, the poofy dress, and my handsome prince.

*Sigh* It seems like a lifetime away.

Now I see that the carriage and dress are the easy part. Prince Charmings? They’re difficult to come by.

That doesn’t mean that I am lacking in the marriage proposal department, though.

Who really needs conversation and dates anyways?  Are they necessary? F–k it. Let’s just get married.

Proposal #1: “write back if want to get married”

Short, sweet, and simple. A man of few words but he was direct. I much prefer it when people are direct. There’s no point in beating around the bush.

Write back if you want to get married….oddly enough it makes me think of the action flicks where the badass hero says “Stay with me if you want to live.”  Not sure how my thought process worked there…but I do think the Rock is one handsome action hero. I’d say yes to him.

Proposal #2: “Become my wife I’m so in love with you lets talk to get to know each other and start a beautiful life together call or text me at —“

He loves me! 😀 And I didn’t even have to utter a word. Damn, I’m good.
Proposal #3: Hi C_Writer how u doing I have read u’r profile and I have won my admiration and my interest in the very truth not only look for Wife, but I also look for the story of my life, that writes to the desire of the that.
I don’t get it…but his message included the word ‘wife’ so I stuck it in here. 😀
What is he saying? Really.
This next line doesn’t include a written proposal but I’m pretty sure it was implied: 🙂
Hate too drop this on ya but your mine now will not accept a no !
Lucky girl, aren’t I?

Romantic Mosquito

3 Mar

Who uses a mosquito in a “romantic” message?

This guy!!! 🙂 LOL really! 

Hello and how are you doing? With your, very very very beautiful self/picture; That along with the profile to match. Could only mean one thing, somebody is going to love someone and or vise versa. So I will take this time now, to admit to you before this email goes any further. I am very much so drawn to you, like a mosquieto is to that beautiful soft blue light.

Does he mean the electric light that kills the mosquitos? 

Moving on…

But, I dont know if that is a good thing or a bad thing hmmm. Maybe I should rethink this whole message thing to you,(ha ha ha).

Yeah, dude, rethink the message. Please.

Did I make you smile? I can with rapture, but only if you allow me too?

Heyyyyy now. One step at a time, pal.

My name is Da’Mon, my love? You should feel free to reach out to me at anytime! I dont mind and I wont mind at all it being day or night. I would just love for you and I, to at least try and get to know one another.

Wow. Wow. Wow.