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Girl’s Nite Out with a hint of Tampa Boy

15 Jun

The Friday of Memorial Day weekend I decided to roadtrip it to Tampa to visit my friend, H.

We were both in dire need of a girl’s nite out so we got prettied up and meandered out to the bar scene.

…A fine ‘Before’ picture…

Me & H

We decided on a new hot spot with restaurants and bars. It was a casual scene (perfect) and just busy enough to make it interesting (if that makes any sense).  The bar name is Prime Bar. We’re both smokers so an outside table was preferred despite the wait time of 30 minutes for outside seating.

Hmm. What to do in the meantime? Visit the inside bar of course! 

Ah finally! Girl’s nite – it was long overdue. We sat contemplating our drink of choice for the night.

What to drink?

We were both thinking it but we were both also weighing the consequences.

The evil green monster: The Apple Martini.

Now, I’ve learned from past experiences (over and over again) that these infamous martinis are dangerous, cause bad judgment, and inflict intense pain on my stomach. But do I backdown like a smart, responsible adult? A grownup that is well aware of the cause and effect of said green monster?

Uh no! I order one. Naturally. I was glutton for punishment on this fun and fancy free night.

One martini chills me out.

(Still waiting for the table.)

Martini #2 leads me to ask the gentleman next to me what he’s drinking.

Big mistake.

My one simple question led this lonely boy to feel that an entire conversation was in order. All I wanted to know was the name of the drink he was consuming.

Some of you may be asking – “Well was he cute????”

No, he really wasn’t. Not to me, at least.

Three martinis later, we’re at our outside table. 🙂

Tampa Boy invites himself over – takes a seat and start jabbering.

I felt like I was watching tennis while looking between Tampa Boy & H while thinking “who invited him?” Who does that? It’s just not okay fellas. 😛

I was nice, though, and didn’t kick him out. Instead I feigned interest in his topic of discussion which primarily covered his plan to break up with his girlfriend in a few minutes time.

Splendid. Mighty catch you are, Tampa Boy.

We were subject to the entire story of who, what, when, why, and how.



I’m pretty sure that’s about the time that I had to give in and break the seal. I became a frequent visitor at the ladies room and I actually fit in some dancing while I was at it. For some reason the music was better in the bathroom.

After however many martinis I ended up giving Tampa Boy my cell phone number. Oops.

He left to break up with his girl, said he’d return, and we didn’t see him again. #Relief

We ate (food was terrible) and I did the whole sign-the-check-with-one-eye-closed because at that point I couldn’t read…

It’s a good thing H still had her sense about her and I’m sure she was laughing at me here & there because of my drunken stupidity but – in the end we had a great time! It was so much fun. 🙂

And yes, I learned yet again that multiple apple martinis encourage me to pray viciously to the porcelain god.

Funny photo – a silly “After” picture of us. 😀

H & Me!