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Dunkin Donuts and Pick-up Lines

26 Jun

Today, C (my office bff) & I went to Dunkin Donuts during our lunch break.

We sat inside since Tropical Storm Debby was delivering some pretty wicked gusts of wind.


I was fortunate enough to have the view facing outside where this handsome man sat enjoying his Jersey Mike’s sub.

Boy was he cute.

He ate his sammich. I continued to stare. And then he was gone.

I should have said something right? That’s what C said.

Perhaps I should have. But why – he caught me staring at him twice! 😛 You’re telling me he didn’t get the hint that I was interested?

*Sigh* Okay so for next time – when/if I buld up the courage to approach a stranger who happens to be a gorgeous male (you know how anti-social I am)…I’ll need a mind-blowing opening line besides “Hey you’re hot and I’m single – wanna go on a date?”

Any recommendations? Please – enlighten me. 😀

I wonder – what do guys deem as effective pick-up lines?

This thought leads me to Google and I find an interesting article on AskMen.com:


Borrowed from the article itself, here are the top 10 pick-up lines: 

  • No.10 “Excuse me, is this seat taken?”
  • No.9 “Would you like to dance?”
  • No.8 “Can I interest you in a glass of… ?”
  • No.7 “Do you come here often? I could use your opinion about something…. “
  • No.6 Excuse me; can you help me with…?
  • No.5 “Don’t you find this place…?”
  • No.4 “You look like you might be interested in some great conversation.”
  • No.3 “Would you like an escort to your… ?”
  • No.2 “Wow! I really like that (insert item of clothing or fragrance) you’re wearing.”
  • No.1 “I just thought you should know that you have a really nice….”

Ah good stuff. I must start practicing.

In fact I am positive I’ll have the opportunity to use some of these tomorrow night at the country bar I’m going to with C.

Prep time!

Ahem Ahem Ahem